List of part classes

EAA Attenuators
EAC Computing device
EAD DC-DC Converter Assemblies
EAE Power Entry Modules
EAF Filters
EAI I/O Modules
EAP Power Supply Assemblies
EAT Terminators & Dummy Loads
EAV Photo-voltaic solar panels
EAW AC Adapters
EAZ Misc. Assemblies
ECC Ceramic Capacitors
ECD Electric-double-layer Capacitors
ECE Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
ECF Film Capacitors
ECM Multi-layer Monolithic Capacitors
ECN Capacitor Networks
ECT Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors
ECV Variable Capacitors
ECZ Misc. Capacitors
EFU Fuses
EKA AC Power Connectors
EKB Barrier Blocks
EKC Circular Connectors
EKE Card Edge Sockets
EKF Flex Circuit Sockets
EKH PCB Pin Strip Headers
EKM Modular Connectors
EKP PCB Connectors
EKR Rectangular Connectors
EKS Device Sockets
EKT PCB Transition Headers
EKW Wire to Wire Connectors
EKX Coaxial Connectors
EKZ Misc. Connectors
EMB Fans, Blowers
EMC Magnetic components
EME Misc. Electro-Mechanical Equipment
EMF Ferrite Impedances
EMI Fixed inductors
EML LC Networks
EMM Motors
EMO Solenoids
EMP Line Powered Transformers
EMS Saturable Inductors
EMT Signal Transformers
EMV Variable Inductors
EMX Misc. Transformers
EMY ZC Networks
EMZ Misc. Magnetics Devices
EOA Lamps
EOD LED 7-Segment Displays
EOF Fiber Optic Transducers
EOH LED 16-Segment Displays
EOI Opto-isolators
EOL LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
EOM LED Dot Matrix Displays
EON LED Arrays
EOS Photo-sensors
EOV Photo-voltaic Solar Cells
EOW Opto-switches
EOY Displays
EOZ Misc. Opto-electronic Devices
EPC Self Resetting Fuses
EPL Inrush current limiters
EPS Current sensitive devices
EPV Surge Absorbers
EPZ Misc. Protection Devices
EQF Ceramic Filters
EQR Ceramic Resonators
EQS SAW Resonators
EQW SAW Filters
EQX Quartz crystals
EQZ Misc. Piezo-electric devices
ERC RC Networks
ERE Low Power Resistors
ERF Fusible resistors
ERH Heaters
ERM Thermistors
ERN Resistor Networks
ERP Potentiometers
ERR Rheostats
ERT Trimmers
ERW Power Resistors
ERX Resistive Transducers
ERZ Misc. Resistors
ES1 Manual Switches
ES2 Other Switches
ESA Tactile Push-button Switches
ESB Circuit Breakers
ESC Commercial Switches
ESD Basic Detector Switches
ESE Sensor Switches
ESG Ganged Push-button Switches
ESI Industrial Switches
ESJ Push-button Slide Switches
ESK Key-switches
ESL Limit Switches
ESM Reed Switches
ESO Rotary Switches
ESP Programming Switches
ESQ Keypads
ESR Mechanical Relays
ESS Slide Switches
EST Toggle Switches
ESW Thumbwheel & Push-wheel Switches
ESX Rectangular Push-button Switches
ESY Small Cylindrical Push-button Switches
ESZ Misc. Switches
ETA Tab Terminals
ETC Clip Terminals
ETE Test Probes
ETI Tip Terminals
ETM Misc. Mated Terminals
ETO Tongue Crimp Terminals
ETP Misc. PCB Terminals
ETR Screw Terminals
ETS Solder Lugs
ETU Turret Terminals
ETW Misc. Wire Terminals
ETX Wire splices
EUD DC-DC Converter Modules
EUO Oscillator Modules
EUP Power Supply Modules
EUR RF Modules
EUS Solid State Relays
EUY Display Modules
EUZ Misc. Modules
EWC Cable
EWI Wire
EWX RF Coaxial Cables
EXA Linear Integrated Circuits and Hybrids
EXD Diodes, Rectifiers & Bridges
EXI Interface Integrated Circuits and Hybrids
EXL Logic Integrated Circuits
EXN Semiconductor arrays (networks)
EXO Special Integrated Circuits and Hybrids
EXP Data Processing Integrated Circuits and Hybrids
EXS Transistors
EXT Transistors
EXZ Misc. Semiconductors
EYA AC Power Cords
EYD Data Cable Assemblies
EYI Internal Cable Assemblies
EYP Patch Cords
EYS Signal Cable Assemblies
EYZ Misc. Cords
EZA Audio Devices
EZB Batteries
EZH EMI Shields & Shileding
EZK Electrical Kits
EZN Shaft encoders
EZP Bread-boarding Aids
EZV Valves (Electron-Tubes)
EZX Crystal & ceramic
EZZ Misc. Electrical Devices
FBU Bushings
FBZ Misc. Basic Metric Hardware
FCC Cable Clamps
FCG Card guides
FCL Clips and Clamps
FCT Cable ties
FCZ Misc. Card Management Hdwr
FEY Eyelets
FGR Grommets
FNA Nails, brads
FNU Nuts, Metric
FNY Nylon Fasteners
FPI Pins
FPL Plugs
FPZ Misc. Pin-like Hardware
FRI Fastening rings
FRV Rivets
FSC Machine Screws & Bolts, Metric
FSO Stand-offs, Metric
FSP Spacers, Metric
FSR Strain Relieves
FST Studs, Metric
FSZ Misc. Screws & Bolts, Metric
FTI Threaded inserts, Metric
FTS Tapered Screws, Metric
FUZ Misc. Bushing-like Hardware
FWA Washers, Metric
FWZ Misc. Wire Management
FZZ Misc. Fasteners
HAS Mechanical Assemblies
HBA Balls
HBE Belts
HBG Bearings
HBL Bellows
HBR Brackets
HBZ Misc. Basic English Hardware
HCH Chains
HCO Couplings
HDZ Misc. Dynamic Components
HEN Cases and enclosures
HFT Feet, Bumpers
HGE Gears
HGU Guards, Covers
HHS Heat Sinks
HKN Knobs, Buttons
HLI Linkages, Joints
HMA Magnets
HND Handles
HNU Nuts, English
HRI Rings
HRO Rollers, Pulleys
HSC Machine Screws & Bolts, English
HSE Seals
HSH Heat Shrink Tubing
HSO Stand-offs, English
HSP Spacers, English
HSR Springs
HST Studs, English
HSZ Misc. Screws & Bolts, English
HTF Tube Fittings
HTI Threaded inserts, English
HTS Tapered Screws, English
HTU Tubing
HTV Valves
HTZ Misc. Hydraulics
HWA Washers, English
HZZ Misc. Hardware, Mechanics
OAA Air Optics Accessories
OAF Filters, Bezels
OAL Lenses
OAM Mirrors
OAP Light Pipes
OAZ Misc. Air Optics
OFA Fiber Optic Adapters
OFC Fiber Optic Cables
OFK Fiber Optic Connectors
OFS Fiber Optic Switches
OFZ Fiber Optic Misc. Components
SAD Adhesives
SCH Chemicals
SCO Coatings
SFI Fillings
SLU Lubricants
SPK Packaging Supplies
SRM Raw Material
SSO Solvents
STA Tape
SZZ Misc. Supplies
ZCS Computer Supplies
ZTP Test and Production Supplies
ZZZ Misc.